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I'll take all the help I can get!

I had two lovely ladies come to me for readings today. I have a comfy but small office, and my clients sit about seven feet away from me on a love seat. Situated between us, to the side, is an air purifier. We bought them for our offices to add a layer of protection to help our clients feel a little more comfortable. I almost always turn it on when I enter the office, today I forgot.

When I do a reading, one of the ways I usually feel energy is in the form of goosebumps on my arms. One of the ladies also mentioned that she felt them too. The next time she said she felt them, I was reminded that I hadn't turned on my air purifier. What triggered the thought is that the machine has an auto mode that will change when the air quality's a very sensitive machine. When I first got it, I wondered if it even really worked well since it only seemed to be in one mode at all times. Rarely did it ever change unless I have opened the window. I leaned over and turned it on; it usually comes on with a little more power and then settles down. After a minute, it has a steady blue light and a barely audible fan. Today the machine seemed to put on a show. It cycled thru red, yellow, and green lights and blasted the fan, and it seemed almost to be answering questions or at least agreeing and validating them! Green when talking about self-care and red or yellow for other maybe not so pleasant things. The machine continued adding its opinions from when I turned it on until they left about an hour later. That was about 4 hours ago, and it has behaved beautifully ever since; I haven't heard a peep out of it, it's had its "all-is-good" blue light on all afternoon.

It only does this when I do readings, not when our therapy clients are in my office.

When I do a reading my goal is always to deliver honest and real messages that help heal. I can never guarantee what messages, images, or ideas will come through, and maybe I'm not always right. I will, however, take all the help I can get if it helps someone's heart heal a little. Thank you for coming today ladies, you were a joy!

*Funny response:

When I finished the reading today, I ask my sitters, "how did you find me?"

They both answered at the same time:

One said "Google!" and the other said "really great!" Lol! Thanks, you were both great too!

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