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Spirit is in charge

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My cousin Christine asked if I ever heard from our grandmother. I don't recall ever hearing from her personally or through other mediums who read me. I have, however, heard from my grandfather. Shortly after that interchange, my Aunt Helen called me, she said Christine had told her what I had said about her parents and she was interested in a reading. I went to Maine to visit my parents and on my return trip, I texted my cousin and Aunt to see if they wanted me to stop in for a visit and reading. I had never been to their house before and truthfully don't know either of them as well as I should. Their home is on land that contains a cluster of homes that are all shared by Christine's husband's family. The homes are very old, 1800's I believe, and clearly have a great deal of history and stories to tell. As well as a cemetery out back which I learned about later.

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