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You can't do this, she's too far away!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I've always been obsessed with psychic mediums. I watched all the shows when I was younger, Beyond with James Van Praagh, John Edward, Crossing Over, and Sylvia Browne who was always on the Montel Williams Show. I was obsessed with The Ghost Whisperer and Medium and of course, there is the favorite Long Island Medium and now Tyler Henry.

I even got to meet James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell who is an amazing medium from the UK.

Terrible photo credit goes to my husband.

I'm not sure which came first the chicken or the egg. Was I was drawn to these shows because I needed to learn and do what they do? Or did I learn to do what they do because I was drawn to these shows? Either way, it's what I do now.

It was always intriguing and sometimes mind-blowing! I didn't understand how they did what they did. When it became evident to me that this was a part of me I was still baffled. HOW!?! How do you do this?

The first reading I ever went to was in 2005...I know, crazy right?! It was fate. My husband had signed up for a class with this person and the class got canceled. She offered him a reading instead of a refund. He brought me along and I was open and intrigued! The first words out of her mouth were "who is Sara?" I was hooked! Sara is our daughter.

Since then I have had many readings, some have been great, some not so great. Either way, I almost always get a little something out of them. Even if it's to learn what NOT to do in my own readings with you! One of the readings I had before my journey down this path was from an adorable 80-year-old lady named Jessie, who does drawings for you while she does her readings. She mostly looks at her paper and draws with colored pencils and talks about what she is picking up on. During my reading, she stopped drawing and looked up at me, and said "You can do what I do." I asked "What?" she said "readings and intuition." I told her "I pick up on information all the time and feel a strong connection with people who have passed but I don't know how to intentionally get more information, I can't do what you do, I don't know how. How?" Her response was interesting and stuck in my head for a very long time. She said "The ceiling for you is very, very low. You just need to punch through. You can do it." She also said, "I don't do mediumship, but you will." Ok, but how?!

Jessie was stuck in my head and I was determined to learn how. I took classes, meditated, watched Youtube videos, meditated, read books, meditated.....yes for me meditating was and still is the key. I did tons of free readings in my office when I first started. Eventually, I got so busy that I needed to start charging. I was always nervous before every reading, but I also meditated before each reading and that helped ground me. Now it has become second nature and rarely am I nervous.

A little bit into my charging days, I would occasionally, give away a free reading here or there. One time was on Instagram. It was open to anybody and I would just randomly choose a winner. I did not know the person who won. I messaged her to let her know and was surprised to find out she lives in Australia. Oh no!! Now what?! My brain was telling me

you can't do this, she's too far away!

It was as if I was right back at the beginning again! Self-doubt sucks!!! We worked up a plan for connecting, despite the 14 hour time difference. Our video connected and I confessed. I told her that I had never done a reading over video before and I was not sure I could do it, especially with her being so far away! Well, it turns out that she was pretty much my Australian counterpart. She was (is) a psychic medium with a newer business and she had never done a long-distance session before either! We decided we would do a reading exchange and practice. It was so great. Not only did we find out we could do it, but we also found out that it made no difference in the quality of our readings. My reading from her was great. Since her daughter contacted me later for a reading I'm assuming my reading to her was also good. What I learned is distance doesn't matter. Who knew?! Since then I have done many, many readings long distance, several others in Australia (unrelated to her), and all over the US. Especially during Covid. Energy and vibrations are everywhere and the distance doesn't change how I feel or how I connect to the information.

You can check it out for yourself on July 8th! I'm doing a Facebook Live, I'll be doing readings and you can join, ask questions or just watch.

And of course, it doesn't matter where you connect from...even Australia!

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