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Readings are done via online video.
Nationally or internationally, unless you find yourself in Maine in the Bangor area,
I'd love to meet you in person!
A link to your session will be automatically sent when you
book your session

Toni Fed Medium here! Get ready to explore you - without any of the scary stuff. I absolutely love my job, and I'm so excited to help you discover what the future holds. Plus, if you book now, I'm offering a 20% off sale!

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Member benefits include:

  • Private online classes with intuition-building exercises

  • discounted readings

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Jennifer R

"My Mom and I had the opportunity to have a reading with Toni this weekend and it was phenomenal!

Toni was spot on with so much for both of us and connected with special loved ones on a level beyond belief. The messages and information she was able to share with us was life changing for me specifically and has helped me find closure to some long held pain and heartbreak I’ve carried inside for so many years.

Thank you Toni for this opportunity for healing"

Paul C.

"What a gift you have Toni!
What a gift you are!
That we met for the first time today and have you know so much about so many loved ones in my past is testemony to your psychic abilities!
Absolutely in awe about the results of my reading today!
Thank you SO MUCH Toni!"

Rebecca D

"Toni was spot on! Great reading,caring wonderful person!"

Laurie D

 "You were awesome with all you said about my son last year when me and my daughter came to you..again tyvm"


"I just wanted to say thank you for my reading today, definitely a lot resonated! You read me like a book. I got a lot of peace on my mind now. Thank you for clearing things up. I will let you know about my college situation after I talk with my counselor!" 

Terry W

"This was the first time I've had an intuitive reading. Toni made me feel so comfortable, explaining the process as I really didn't know what to expect. Her intuition was so insightful and comforting. i highly recommend this experience."

Faith B.

"You worked your magic with a good friend of mine and you were right on point!"

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$120 for 1 hour for 1 person
$140 for 1 hour for a couple

$65 for 1/2 hour for 1 person

Private readings are very personal one on one meetings that connect you with your loved ones in spirit with validation and messages. They may also include guidance regarding future endeavors.  *They take place in my small cozy office with complete confidentiality in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Readings are done locally in my office or via Zoom. I've done readings for people internationally and it doesn't affect the quality of the reading or information.

$45.00 per person
*minimum of 5 people

Group Readings are small private gatherings. They usually last between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours and the hope is to deliver messages to everyone who attends but I can only deliver information that is given to me by your loved ones, I can not promise that the person you are most hoping to hear from will be the one who comes through. A group reading with friends and family is special because you get to share the experience as well as the messages. These groups can take place in your own home or at my office or online.

When there is disease or illness, there are blocks in the energy field that tell the story for the purpose of that illness. A medical intuitive reading is done by psychically and intuitively perceiving information via a scan. A scan consists of a few minutes of quiet, while meditative music plays. I passively “scan” with eyes closed, and no touching, using intuition and training to reveal what your body may be holding onto emotionally as well as physically. 


Using all 3 modalities of intuition, connect with loved ones, your past, present, and future, and get in touch with the hidden needs of your body with this extended reading. You'll come away feeling a little more connected to yourself, the universe, and lost loved ones. It's like a spa day for your soul! 

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$115 for 45 minutes


$175 for 1.5 to 2 hour


Connecting you to your past, present and future


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