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How did this happen?

Mediumship is not something I ever thought I'd be doing but I finally realize that it's always kind of been there. I dove deep when it started becoming more and more disruptive in my life.


Most know me as Mom to 4 kids.....Kylie, Zack, Sara, and Christian. This has been my favorite and most rewarding job to date. However, they are on their own paths and I'm merely a consultant now.


Some know me as practice manager to my husband Ed's private psychotherapy practice.

Many know me as a photographer. I've also been a patient administrative associate at Hartford Hospital on their oncology and palliative care floor. That job shook things up a bit.

I've always been intuitive, it helped with all of the above jobs. I've always felt close to grandparents I had never met, items that they had owned are now treasured pieces in our home. I've always been drawn to anything psychic medium related.


BUT, then it became more, a lot more. Feeling unexplained aches and pains, hearing things, knowing things, seeing stories in my head like a daydream. Feeling crazy, feeling unwell, almost always when I was in public. Doctors advised me to see a therapist, I'm married to one!! After finding out it was not my physical health, I had to admit there was something else going on and I sought out teachers who could guide me and help me create order out of the chaos.


Between my husband and myself we've lost quite a few family members, including my best friend. I have always believed in this stuff. I was certain my grandmother was watching over our oldest son when he was critically ill after birth. Our daughter had a guardian angel watching over her when she developed appendicitis, which turned out to be a slow growing cancer which would have quietly grown had it not been accidentally found. My best friend is easily recognized by the myriad of #13's that I find in my life and I get gardening tips from a favorite uncle. I've gotten sauce making lessons from Ed's loud Italian family and wood staining lessons from a former classmate who has passed. 

Now that I have learned to pay attention to them properly, their messages are a blessing and an honor in my life that I would love to share with you.

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