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Just say it...

I was doing a reading with a young woman, and I had her grandmother in spirit with us. She was talking about current things happening in my sitter's life. I mentioned that church was significant to Grandma, and then I immediately "see" a kitten. My rational brain is telling me that these two things do not go together.

My biggest fear when I first started out doing readings was, what if nothing comes to me during a session? No images, no clear messages, no feeling of spirit or loved ones around me; what if they don't know what I am talking about? Oh no! The anticipation of letting someone down was too much for me to handle. My intention for doing readings was to help give someone peace of mind or a little healing. In order to avoid disappointing anyone, I would prepare for each scheduled reading by meditating. I would meditate hard!! I'd arrive at my office at least a half-hour early and write down any images that came to me, I'd look up symbols and spiritual meanings for different images that I saw during my meditation and write them down. If I ran out of information naturally coming to me I'd refer back to my notes. When I had several readings in one day, I'd schedule them with at least a half-hour in between in order to meditate again! Thinking back on it, it was my safety net and I couldn't imagine doing a session without it.

The funny thing is, I started mediumship because all around me, all the time I was flooded with information, it was overwhelming and overstimulating. I actually started taking classes to either learn how to turn it off or learn how to control it. I guess I forgot that used to happen when I was trying to do it "on purpose".

I learned early on that the most important thing was to not hold back and just say what I "see" (clairvoyant), "hear" (clairaudient), or "feel" (clairsentient). Even if I had no clue what it was related to what or it meant. One teacher said, "tell the biggest lie or story with whatever comes to your mind. I guarantee it will mean something to someone in this class." Without fail, it always worked.

The early version of "reader me" may have just ignored the kitten image and gone on to something different. But the more experienced me said to my sitter, "not sure what this may mean to you, but I see a kitten in church." She laughed and cried and said, "Oh yeah, I found a kitten in church a long time ago. I brought her home,

and she was with me for a really long time. She just died." Oh, that does make sense to her. Crazy. I always "just say it" now.

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