I love my new tail!!

August is a month to celebrate pets. If it weren't for Facebook and everyone's pride in showing off their pets, I'm not sure I would know this information. But I love it!

August 8th is International Cat Day.

August 17th is black cat appreciation day

August 26th is International Dog Day

We're a big pet family. At one point, we had 7 pets all at once, and they were loved and cared for by our 4 kids.

Currently, we have one senior cat named Sam. He is putting up with our daughter's much younger cats, Eric and Ollie.

Pets often come through during readings. I feel their love, their gratitude, and their loyalty. Sometimes, I feel or hear their complaints, but that is only from the living ones during a psychic reading. I have several clients who have come to me to figure out things about their pets.

Here are a few that I remember:

One dog put in a request for more walks because he enjoyed it but also, he noticed his owner was much happier when she took the time to go on walks with him every morning. I say it all of the time, animals are intuitive. The same dog didn't like that his bed had a hole in it. He disliked that it was moved into a spot where there was no sunshine. He wanted to let his owner know that he's afraid of the dark staircase around the corner that leads down somewhere. She had never brought him down there to check it out...once she did, he was fine.

My daughter was living in North Hollywood, CA. She called me frustrated that she had been trying everything to figure out what would help Eric. She inherited him through a series of events that have proven that they were destined to be together. He had a rough start, medical issues, fear, anxiety, and a rival cat roommate. I offered to do a medical intuitive/psychic reading on him. She said she'd take all the help she could get. During the reading, I made notes; He complained about not getting the old food he used to like (canned food). He did not like when Kylie left him, and his favorite toy was missing under something! She hunted down his favorite toy, which was hiding under the couch.

She then decided to foster a kitten, hoping that would comfort Eric and help him be a more confident cat. She got Ollie. Ollie is a force. She has since moved back home to live with us during the pandemic, and we have the pleasure of having a crazy confident kitten around the house! For fun one night, I did a quick little read on him just to see what was up in that little brain of his. He expressed that he liked his new tail! Which makes great sense when you realize that at the time, he was only about one year old, and his "original" tail was a baby tail. Now it is a majestic plume that he proudly waves around with confidence.

He also complained that he was not allowed to do certain things when they were in CA, like steal his other owner, Rachael's makeup sponges, and brushes. They make great toys. He retaliated by tattle-tailing on her about the time she put him in her hoodie pocket when he was tiny. (But don't we all do that?!..LOL)

Then there is my daughter Sara's apartment cat, Raisin. For fun, Sara wanted a reading on Raisin. Raisin had an apartment full of people who had many different discipline styles, and they all loved Raisin very much. Not surprisingly, she had a lot to say in her reading! She's another little one who had a bit of a rough start with some health problems that left her with one eye and a pretty big snoring issue!

This is Raisin, and here are her notes from her reading! She says she'll never stop getting on the counters. She thinks she's in charge, she feels that it is her job to make people feel better, and she wants more bugs to chase!

Animals are healers. They are there for us in life, and they sometimes need help or to tell us something. I can connect with their souls and understand a lot of what they have to say. We are so lucky to have them and miss them terribly when they are gone.

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