"that's me".

If you're sensitive to other people's energy around you, you may have trouble being in public places where there are many people. You may have trouble focusing no matter where you are. I can't tell you how many times someone would be trying to get my attention, and I would be "daydreaming." My Mom especially had a sing-song way of trying to get my attention, "Toni?.........Tooonnnii...........Tooooooooonnnnnnii." I am a big daydreamer from way back. In school, outside, at a restaurant...my mom called me nosy because she thought I was either staring at other people or listening to their conversations. The truth was I was listening to or watching what was going on inside my head. It would happen during school, and when I woke up, I would not know what was going on in class.

At one point, restaurants were giving me a challenge. This was before I made the leap from pre-acknowledged- psychic medium to now. This was one of the reasons I declared that I needed to either make it go away or learn how to control it. Making it go away wasn't an option for me, so controlling is what I do.

When my husband and I were at a restaurant, he would be talking, and I would drift off listening to someone in my head trying to get my attention. This happened on a few occasions, and I can tell you if he did that to me, I'd definitely have something to say about it! He, however, would patiently look at me and say, who's talking to you?

One time, we were in a restaurant in Waterbury, CT, with a fairly large group of people. I was on the very end of the table, and everyone else was engaged in a conversation. I found myself drifting. I felt a man next to me; I turn to my left to nobody standing there. I hear him greet us (the table.) He starts talking about the weird fancy food (his words) that they are serving now. He begins talking about when they first opened the restaurant, and the food was just simple plain good Italian food—none of this fancy stuff.

Just then, the waiter comes to the table and sets a menu down in front of me. I turn it over and hear, "that's me." I look down to see a photo of a man in an apron in a sepia tone. Written next to him is the history of the restaurant. It talked about when it opened and what kind of food they served, how they closed for a period of time and then reopened again with a more current (read as fancy) menu. I was so excited to see immediate validation about what I was hearing. This was back when I wasn't sure if I was really experiencing what I thought I was experiencing or did I need a therapist! I still need a therapist from time to time, but now I know this mediumship stuff is not all-in-my-head!

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