But is it really all in my mind?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

You know the expression "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."? That's how I feel about readings...especially Medical Intuitive Readings.

If you've never heard about medical intuition, I'm not surprised. Half of my clientele have never even had a psychic or mediumship reading. Fortunately, there are some fun shows on TV, like The Long Island Medium, Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium, and even Ghost Whisperer that are making people feel a lot less scared to reach out for a reading. Most people seek readings for curiosity, entertainment, grief, or frustration.

Medical intuitive readings definitely fall in the curiosity and frustration categories.

A medical intuitive (MI) reading is a hands-off reading or scan (at least for me, I don't touch, but some readers do) that is done, with my eyes closed for a few minutes. I start visualizing at the top of your head and work my way down. I have an outline of a human body and I make notes on what I pick up on while I'm scanning. The image below is not from this reading but you can click on it and read about that reading.

When I'm done, I report. Some of the things I report can be physical, like pains you may be experiencing and some can be emotional, like feelings you may be holding on to that manifest in different areas of your body.

There are a few MI readings that I've done that really stand out for me.

Often times women seek a doctor for answers and walk away frustrated because they don't feel heard or they are told that whatever they are feeling "is all in your mind." I've talked about experiencing this myself.

One of my ladies came to me during an experimental event my husband and I were co-facilitating, called Medical Intuitive Constellations (this is really cool and I'll do a blog about this soon). I had never met her before, she was open and eager to try something new. She excitedly took a seat opposite me in a room full of strangers and let me do my thing. The scan took less than 10 minutes and I began reporting. I told her about what I was picking up on moving from her head to different areas of her body. She was nodding in agreement and laughing in surprise about some of the things I was reporting. When I reached her lower abdomen I remember pausing because during the scan I felt a very strong feeling that she had endometriosis. During medical intuitive training, it was drilled into us that we are not medical doctors, we have no medical training, and "WE DON'T DIAGNOSE!" So we need to be careful about the way we language things so as not to scare someone.

I began again slowly trying to choose my words carefully, I asked "has any doctor ever suggested to you that you might have endometriosis?" She immediately begins to cry and get angry. Oh no! This is what I was warned about! She takes a breath and says "For 5 years, 5 YEARS! I have f#cking battled my doctor to test me for it and she FINALLY did and yes I was just diagnosed with it, but YOU picked it up in 5 minutes!!! Why don't doctors believe us?" She blew her nose and hugged me and thanked me for validating her.

My next lady came to me very early on during my MI training. I was offering free sessions for practice. I started my scan, made my notes, and started chatting with her. Once again, I reach an area that can be sensitive and scary. I pause and ask her "has anyone in your family ever been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a history of breast cancer?" She says very confidently and firmly "no." I show her the outline that I have made notes on and specifically a spot on her breast that I have noted. I tell her that I am not saying that she has breast cancer but I am saying that she should not skip any appointments for regular checkups. She thanks me for my reading, I hand her the sheet that I made notes on and she leaves. Last year, early on during Covid, I offered free 15-minute Zoom readings to anyone who wanted one. She was one of my ladies that signed up. As soon as our Zoom meeting began she holds up a piece of paper and says remember this? It was the notes that I had taken at our reading. I said, "I do!" She says she went to the doctor for a regular check-up and found out she had breast cancer, in the exact spot that I noted. It was caught early and she has been cancer-free for one year now (now it's more than two !) It still makes me emotional to think about that.

It doesn't feel like work when you can touch someone's life in this way.

Remember ...I don't diagnose. It's really important that you know this as well as understand that the reading is also not only what I pick up on physically but emotionally as well.

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