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That's not what I thought he meant!

I've mentioned before that sometimes doing readings is like charades. I need to say what I think I'm seeing or hearing to my clients and hope they understand what I've just told them. Occasionally, they look at me completely confused and have no idea what I'm talking about.

Recently, I did a reading with a lovely mother-daughter pair. I connected with their husband/dad, and I told them that he was concerned about the condition of the floor in the bathroom of their new home. He showed me a floor with water damage from an active leak somewhere. They agreed that this was also a big concern of theirs. I thought we were continuing with messages about their new home when the expression "like putting lipstick on a pig" popped into my head. I relayed this expression to them. I thought he was telling me they were only making cosmetic changes when they should be making more significant repairs. Before I could say another word, they both burst into laughter. The Mom says, "that's because I'm always kissing our pig!" They have a real living pet pig she loves dearly and kisses all the time!!!

Just say what you see or hear. Spirits work hard to communicate their ideas, messages, and evidence to their loved ones. They use the medium's own knowledge and experiences to help us relay the messages. By just expressing what I'm shown it almost always makes sense to my sitter even if it doesn't make sense to me!

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