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Lucky number 13

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

One of my spirit signs is the number 13. My friend died on 1/13/13. I find 13's everywhere. Walking out of the grocery after I had asked for a sign, my receipt, of course, said "congratulations you saved 13%!" Another time while driving down the highway I saw an electronic sign that said "13 miles, 13 minutes to the state border". It got my attention but I didn't consider it a sign until I noticed every license plate around me had a 13 on it (about 5 different vehicles) and then the real shock moment was when a car passed me with a plate that said UNH 6-3. Which is the university her son went to AND my birthday which is also her citizenship anniversary date! But my favorite 13 sign comes at the end of almost every reading when someone wants to pay me in cash. I tell my sitters that 13 is my spirit sign and almost every time every bill has the year 2013 on it. Today's reading was no exception! Look close you can see the year.

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