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Psychic Charades

One of the really baffling things to me when I first started following this psychic medium path was how I would get information. What would it feel like? What am I looking for? Would it be obvious? Would I know it when I saw, felt, or heard it? I always heard mediums on TV say "that is my sign for...." and I wondered how they came to that conclusion. I learned about the clairs (click here for more info on the clairs) and understood the basics of how I might receive information. Eventually, after doing many readings I began building my own library of symbols. Much of what I receive is taken from my own experiences in my life.

Recently, I did a reading for a lady who sadly had just lost both her parents and her dog. When connecting with her father I saw a calendar, a flag, and my son in his Marine uniform. Based on the flag I assumed there was a date connected to her father that was patriotic, like 4th of July or Memorial Day. I asked her if he was connected to a patriotic holiday. She said "no". I again kept seeing my son. I tell her I am seeing a Marine, she say "yes! My Dad was a Marine!" I knew there was still a date that we needed to uncover. I asked her "what date did he die?" She replied with my son's birthdate! Sometimes a reading can be a little like psychic charades, other times it feels like I am daydreaming and I am watching a screen in the back of my head like a movie. It's the ultimate in brain multitasking. I'm daydreaming, which is a form of meditating, and describing what I am seeing on the screen without breaking out of the meditation. Sometimes the screen is very clear and other times it can be a little fuzzy like the signal isn't strong.

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