Mom always knows best

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I tend to wear a lot of black. It's my default color.

One Christmas we were at my parent's house in Maine and my beautifully dressed, always colorful Mom looks at me and says "you shouldn't wear black, it doesn't look good on you." She's right.

A couple of weeks later I was getting ready for a group reading event. I was meditating and thinking about the evening. I got up to get dressed and opened my drawers to pull out some clothes. Black shirt, black pants, black sweater. I feel my chest tighten and am beginning to have a very difficult time breathing like an elephant is sitting on my chest. As I pick up my black shirt I 'hear' in my head a very firm "your mother says you look terrible in black! I agree! Don't wear that!" I laugh and mostly comply. I pull out a pair of jeans, a multicolored mostly blue top, and still wear my black cardigan sweater. I still can't breathe well though. I head over to the event. I walk in the door and greet about 8 lovely ladies. At this point, I am trying to take deep breaths but it's not helping. I begin my process with a bit of explanation that "I'm obviously having difficulty breathing (which was worrying some of the guests) but it is connected to a very blunt mom energy, she is not shy and was with me while I was home getting ready to come tonight. This mom energy agrees with MY Mom that I don't look good in black!" Everyone laughs a bit nervously and then one of the ladies claims her mom and says "that would be my Mom, she died of COPD and definitely was blunt!" Almost immediately my chest returns to normal, I can take deeps breaths again and I was able to deliver a message from the spirit Mom to her daughter.

I have to be honest, two moms tell me I don't look good in black, I think twice, and have not been defaulting to black lately. Besides, I can't get away with anything anymore! Moms are always looking out for us. Thanks Moms

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