13 things to know before your next reading!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The first question I always ask people who come for a reading with me is "Have you ever done this before?"

I'd guess it's pretty much a 50/50 situation. 50 percent have either had a reading themselves or they have been to some sort of group reading event and seen how it works. The other 50 percent have not had a reading and are not sure of what to expect. I usually ask people if they know the difference between psychic and medium, and then tell them a little bit of how I work.

Did you know that a little preparation can help you have a really successful reading?

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your reading, even if it's a short one.

  1. It's ok to be nervous, I can feel when you're nervous even before we connect for your reading. Just try to be open and hopefully once we start you can start to relax a little bit.

  2. When you love someone and they invite you to a party you probably try to go, right? Well your loved ones, in spirit, don't have super busy schedules. So they are excited when you invite them to the party (reading) and they almost always show up! A very simple "Mom, Dad, Grandma, friend…. I'm having a reading next Tuesday and I'd really love for you to be there!" When I connect with your people, it is mediumship.

  3. For psychic readings, information will come up that will be related to your past, present or future. For these readings I will ask if there is something specific that you might want to focus on. In this case you may want to think of a question or general subject such as career, love life, family, school.

  4. Some people come to a reading with absolutely nothing in mind and they say they are completely open to whatever comes. In this case it may take me a minute or two to connect because it's like going to a grocery store and not having any idea of what you need or want when you have tons of options. You may end up with a psychic or mediumship reading.

  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you have questions during your reading, please ask!

  6. When the reading starts and you understand what I'm talking about please say "yes, that makes sense" or "I understand that". If you don't connect with what I'm saying then you can say that too. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for things to come together.

  7. Don't give too much information especially in the beginning. If I need clarification I will ask, but it's my job to tell you about what I'm picking up on.

  8. Be open and trust that you may not hear what you want to hear but will most likely hear what you need to hear. This can be difficult for some.

  9. Take notes if you like. I provide my clients with pen and paper for note taking.

  10. A reading can sometimes get emotional, I have tissues and you should not be embarrassed to cry.

  11. Have fun! Some readings are so fun, and hopefully if I do my job well you can feel the personality of the person I'm trying to connect with.

  12. Understand that I will never give you "bad things", like tell you when someone will die, get sick or have an accident. That is not information I ask for and want to pass on to you.

  13. My intentions for anyone coming to me for a reading is to help you connect...to your loved ones, your self, your purpose or to give you a message that you need.

I'm excited for my readings this weekend! Meeting your loved ones in spirit is one of my favorite things to do!

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