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I don't know why I'm wife sent me

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I was doing a public event where people had previously scheduled appointments for readings. A gentleman walks in and says "I don't know what I'm here for, my wife set up an appointment with you and she can't make it, she told me I had to come instead."

Oh no

So this large older gentleman dutifully comes and sits down across from me. His arms are guardedly folded across his chest and he looks pretty skeptical but he adores his wife and she told him he had to come. I explain who I am and what I do, he rolls his eyes. I told him he was free to go and absolutely didn't have to do this. He says "I do what my wife tells me to do."

So I start the reading and I feel his very sweet, strong, loving mom with us.

I ask "what is it that you see out your back kitchen window that reminds you of your mom every day?" He then gets very teary-eyed and can't speak for a moment. He takes a breath and says "my Mom's house." I explain that she says he was a really active kid...she says "he was A LOT, and so fresh!" This Italian man is transported right back to his childhood, mom's sauce, and special holiday traditions. I tell him about all kinds of little details she gives me. He says she had just died recently and he really didn't think he needed someone to tell him his mom was still with him..." but my wife is always right. I'm glad I came." He was a big sweet Italian Mama's boy ..still is

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