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Don't talk to me, I don't believe you, I don't trust you.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

One of the things that really convince people that a psychic medium is the real deal is information that comes through that only the sitter would know.

Before every reading I meditate, set an intention, and ask for an agreement from their loved ones or their 'people', please be here with me today while I read your loved one, please give me clear messages that they need to hear and please give me strong evidential information that only they would know and understand.

I joke with my husband about his job as a therapist vs my job as a psychic medium. I tell him he's got it easy because his clients come in sit down and tell him all about themselves. My clients come in sit down and wait for me to tell them all about themselves. Of course, my husband's job is NOT at all easy and I could NEVER do his job!

It can be a little overwhelming for me though, there's always that little tiny bit of doubt. What if no information comes!? What if my mind goes blank!? What if everything I say is wrong!? Fortunately, that has not happened and my clients seem to leave happy. Often, I get text messages after the readings that clarify information that came through, or as my client said to me yesterday "I had an epiphany about my reading today!" Love that!! I love the follow-up texts saying "you said during my reading (insert *whatever I said*) and you were exactly right!!!" It makes me happy, not because I was right but because they needed that information.

Some of my favorite evidential moments come during private group readings. A private group reading is done in someone's home and the guests usually all know each other as family or friends. It's a fun relaxed atmosphere and a lot of times there's lots of laughing.

One time was with a group of friends/coworkers. On my drive over to the home, I was unfamiliar with the area and was a little confused about where to go when I felt and heard a passenger in my car. This was a man with a strong Boston accent and attitude! He gruffly set me straight on where I was going. When I got to the house and began the reading I mentioned my passenger and immediately a lady started crying and claimed him as her father. Another guest mumbled snidely "yeah right." He's sitting right next to me on my left and I feel a force field around him. The force field says don't talk to me, I don't believe you, I don't trust you.

I never force anyone to accept me or what I say. I continue reading each person around the table. There's lots of information that people understand, even one person going to check the birth months that I mentioned about their grandparents. The guarded guy to the left keeps making snotty little negative comments. The group either ignores him or laughingly tells him to shut the F up. This group is a fun-loving, drinking, and swearing bunch!

I've now read everyone there except him. So I turn to him and explain the force field that I am feeling and he says "yeah I don't believe this shit." I said "ok, does that mean you don't want me to read you? I mean, you did pay for this." He says "maybe." So I just look at him and say ok "want to talk about the Airstream?" His face turns pale white and he starts swearing


The rest of the guests roar with laughter and call him out. They want to know about this! I look at him and he's close to tears, I ask him if he wants me to continue. His partner needed to bring out the big guns to get him to pay attention and believe. I tell him his secret is safe regarding the Airstream but there is a message from his partner. He's now ready to listen.

Before I leave, he tells me he doesn't f-ing understand how I did that and that I'm f-ing crazy and nobody ever knew about some of the things that I brought up. I'm not sure if he's now a believer but I do know that he got a message that he needed to hear.

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