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"I didn't know that!"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Story time! Part 1: A young man and his wife come to see me for a reading. Both say they are skeptical and are just coming to check it out. Her grandma comes through, she doesn't know this grandma and seems unimpressed by what she has to say. His grandpa comes through and he seems a bit more interested since they were close. I then say "your grandpa has a young man with him that has a brother energy to you, but you're not real brothers." He's still staring at me and I'm not sure what he's thinking but I continue. His 'brother/best friend' is talking about the couple's wedding and how he was the best man. And his humor is coming through. Then I 'see' bottle caps... everywhere. I say bottle caps are your spirit sign from him, they're everywhere, in the car, in the garage, in the house. The young man nods and says "yes, I find them everywhere." I ask "why bottle caps?"

He says "we were going to make a table or bar top with bottle caps and resin!"

His wife looks at him with wide eyes and says "I didn't know that!!"

Before they left he tells me "Wow! Thanks, guess I believe now."

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