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"I have to room with the freak!"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I try not to scare people... I don't think I've scared anyone, it's never my intention, but what I do sometimes freaks people out.

I was going on an overnight trip with a group of friends. One friend messaged me and asked if we wanted to share a hotel room. Of course, that would be great. While we were on our way everyone was talking about who they were rooming with and my friend jokingly says "I have to room with the freak!" Now, I have to remind her that she asked ME to room with her! She had mentioned in the past that what I do is a little weird and she was not quite sure about it. I understand, I have plenty of people who feel that way.

So bedtime comes around and we chat a bit and then decide to turn the light out. I'm sure I fall asleep really quickly. At one point something wakes me up and I open my eyes to see someone standing at the foot of my bed. I assume it's my roommate and I roll over to another position now facing her bed. She's in it, playing on her phone. Ok, I know what is going on and tell my shadow friend (in my head) 'not now, in the morning.'

In the morning my roommate and I are chatting, "how'd you sleep" kind of things and I asked her if she had gotten up and was standing at the ending of my bed. Got to check these things out sometimes. She says "no, WHY??!!, was SOMEBODY here?!" And by somebody, we both knew what she meant. So I ask her if she wants me to tell her? She says yes and we have a little reading. Not scary anymore...she still calls me a freak though. It's a term of endearment!

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