I spit out my water!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My sister in law...was all of 4 foot 10..maybe, but we all knew she was tough and funny like the rest of her family. She had a very dry delivery usually followed by a little smile and a giggle. Ed looked up to his big sister while looking down at her. On holidays and special occasions, she would invite everyone over for what she called 'coffee and' and she would be in HER kitchen cooking away. She was not the typical happy cook, she cooked like she was getting out all of her aggression!

When I was new to the family 30 years ago, I'd ask if I could help, she seemed overwhelmed and no one else was in there helping her. I found out why. At first, her response was a very controlled "no thank you, everything is almost done!" Eventually, when I'd been around for a while and she knew I wasn't going anywhere, I'd ask again and I'd get a stressed-out "GET THE F*@K OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" And then that smile and giggle..lol. She was one of a kind, tough, caring, short.....FUNNY and I knew my place!

As a medium, I occasionally can feel my family around me. My sweet mother in law comes to all of my readings when someone else is reading me. My wise and mischievous father in law occasionally helps me out when I'm giving readings. My brother in law has come to give me advice and thank me through other mediums who have read me, but always in a crowd, guess he likes an audience!

One evening I was in MY kitchen cooking, I was in my zen-zone and finishing everything up for dinner. My husband was in and out every few minutes, getting in my way and chattering. I asked him "can you please just give me 15 minutes of quiet and stay out of the kitchen so I can finish?" It's a timing thing. He says "sure thing" and goes back to his paperwork at the table. About 10 minutes go by and he comes back into the kitchen to throw something in the garbage. I move aside and take a sip of my water when I suddenly spit out my water and start laughing and choking! My husband without missing a beat says "what did my sister say?" He knew!

She said, "I thought you told him to stay out of the kitchen!" They are still around us and we love it, it's reassuring, and they are STILL funny!

This was Rosemary and Ed at our wedding after she had been celebrating a bit...cheers Rosemary. We miss you!

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