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Psychic amnesia

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Occasionally I have trouble expressing myself face to face with another living person. Imagine how hard it is for a spirit to communicate and get their message out!

One time I was doing a reading for a lovely young woman. She arrived and was nervous, she had never had a reading before. Immediately I felt her grandmother with us. I explained that her Grandma was sweet and very soft-spoken, she wore cardigans and doted on her granddaughter. She showed me almost like praying hands and a bowing gesture. My sitter understood this because her grandmother was Japanese (the sitter didn't look at all Japanese.)

We continued and Grandma is showing me a train. My sitter has no idea what I am talking about. She tells me she doesn't remember a train near her grandmother or ever going on a train trip with her. This train is big and it's important and it's not going away. I try to continue working around the train. Eventually, I tell her, "I'm stuck, the train is related to someone important" she is just confused. Finally, I say "this is your Dad's mom that we are talking to, correct?" She says "yes" and we talk a little about her Dad who is still living and I am STILL seeing the train. Finally, I ask "what does your father do for work?" She casually says "he works for Amtrak." I'm shocked, I ask "REALLY?!" She says "yeah why?" I ask "do they have trains at Amtrak?"

Psychic amnesia! It's what happens when we are a little nervous and our brain goes blank during a reading. Some of my favorite things are when I get a text after and they explain that they understand something that I said to them during their reading that they were denying or confused about.

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