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Does he want me with him?!?!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Storytime part 2:

I was at my office waiting for my next client. A small lady with a cane arrives with her two daughters, she seems to be in her late 70's or early 80's. I can tell immediately when she opens the door that she wants to hear from her husband, but other than a gut feeling I need my own confirmation.

I ask the 3 ladies whose reading this is and if all of them are coming in. The daughters tell me the reading is for their Mom and it's up to her if they sit in on the reading. She seems bothered by this entire experience and says "ya, come in, I don't care."

The 4 of us sit down and I start. Immediately her mother is the first one to come through, I explain about holidays and things passed down from mother to daughter. The 2 daughters sit there nodding their heads in surprise at some of the things I just told them. The older lady again seems completely annoyed and says "ya, ya that's all true but what does that have to do with anything?!"

I move on and I describe her husband and tell her a few things that he is now showing me, including a wooden box in her bedroom and the contents of the box. The daughters again are smiling and shaking their heads yes! Again, the Mom is aggravated by my "useless information."

The Mom looks at me and says "yes! but does he want me with him!? I'm really tired and I'm ready!!" I'm a little shocked but I carefully answer that it's not her time yet but he will be waiting to greet her when it is. The daughters hug me and thank me for the reading and just before they leave I asked them how they found me. One of the daughters says my son is the guy with the bottle caps and his grandfather who came through is our dad!"

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