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Love the snow...hate the cold!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I hate the cold but love a good snowstorm. A good 6 to 8 inches or more is so lovely to look at. I love how it changes the energy of my home and how I can, without guilt, give in to the resignation of not having to do certain things like run errands. I love how the snow slows everything down, like sounds from the traffic and the traffic itself. I love how it actually dampens outside noises and changes the lighting in the house... it's so peaceful to me. I used to love the excitement and anticipation from the kids of "will we or won't we" get a snow day!?! And then the running around gathering clothes to go outside and play with the dog. They'd return with rosy cheeks while leaving the door open way too long and drop their wet clothes all over the place as they gather cups to make hot chocolate. I miss that but I really hate the cold though. And WHY is 72 degrees in the house in the winter still way too cold but in the summer sometimes too hot?!? I don't get it! I look forward to someday living in a warmer climate. I know I'll miss a good snowstorm here and there. But for now, I hear it's supposed to snow on Monday 🥶❄️🌨️

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