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What's your energy signature?

I did my first Facebook Live last night! I was nervous but felt better when a few people joined in and asked questions.

One of the questions someone asked was how soon can a loved one communicate with a medium once they have passed?

I'm not sure what the exact answer is but I can tell you that I have been able to communicate with people who have passed within a few weeks of their visit with me. However, there may be obstacles to clear communication. I believe there is a learning curve that they experience. It's like when you move to a new house or town. You need a little time to settle in and get to know the area. For them, they need a little time to learn how to communicate through energy, it's a new language. I've learned that people who were great communicators in life have a bit of an easier time expressing themselves in death.

When I connect with a soul what I feel and try to express to you is your loved one's energy.


I feel like everyone has their own energy signature. For me, when I meet someone new, regardless of what they look like, their energy is really how I assess them. I know that sounds weird, 'assess', but have you ever meet someone who was really attractive, said all the right things, seemed really nice but you pick up weird vibes from them? Or you meet someone who you may not normally be attracted to, they're not your type, but there is something about them! I think it might be their energy.

I describe their energy which most people will recognize as a personality. They were funny, had a good sense of humor, and liked to make people laugh, or he was a serious guy, didn't say too much unless he had to. I know it's not as simple as that, there's certainly more to it but it's always where I start.

Energy is a language all on its own. We all feel it, and we use language to help us express how we're feeling when we feel the energy. Like when you walk into a place and it gives you the "willies", lol. Or a bar or restaurant that has a great "vibe". Or even just the expression "I'm not feeling it" is an expression of energy that we are feeling. You're feeling something but it's not good.

If you have a hard time connecting to, or recognizing your own intuition this is a good place to start. Start by being alone, take inventory of how you feel.

Things like:

What kind of a mood am I in?

Am I tired or energized?

How does my physical body feel?

Do I have any pain?

Am I anxious?

Can I focus?

Next, go out in public by yourself, a grocery store, a restaurant, a mall, anywhere there are people. Now, pay attention to how you feel again. What changed? Your mood, your energy level? Are you feeling any physical pain, are you anxious? Does this belong to you or does it belong to the strangers around you?

Last part. Get back in your car. You're alone. Reassess. How do you feel?

I love answering your questions and connecting with your people. Join me on one of my lives on Instagram or Facebook or Patreon!

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