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I'm not perfect...

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I was doing a group reading.

Birds are a common spirit sign, and I kept seeing a cardinal and another light-colored small bird that could sit in the palm of your hand, it was mostly white, I couldn't completely identify it as a bird I know from nature.

I knew these birds belonged to two different unrelated people in the group. One lady very enthusiastically claimed the cardinal as her mom's spirit sign and I delivered a message to her and moved on to the other lady. I felt very strongly that I was supposed to be talking to her about her loved one. She seemed unsure. I'm confused but say "I'm certain this is for you. They tell me you have the bird with you?" I thought maybe she had a tattoo or a photo. She hesitates while digging through her purse and says "but it's not really what you described." She pulls a little bird out of her purse! It's one of those birds that you might find in a floral arrangement that is made of real feathers. It's mostly white, she says "but it has brownish wings!" Lol, the rest of the group starts laughing and tells her "oh my God, it's pretty close!"

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