"You're doing it wrong!"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

When I first started feeling like something may be going on *whispers... 'metaphysically', I had all kinds of little signs that I should have been paying attention to. One was a maddening little itch on my left shoulder blade, literally. It was there morning, noon, and night. I tried everything to get rid of it. Creams, lotions, scratching it raw...you name it. I felt someone tap/poke me occasionally in my kitchen. Names of people would randomly pop into my head and crazy dreams. I knew things that were going to happen before they did and things people were going to do or not do. I would ask my therapist husband if I was crazy! I cried a lot too. It was very confusing.

Early one Sunday morning I woke up before the rest of the family and went down to the kitchen. I had plans to make tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. It was a quiet kitchen and cooking is like meditating for me. I'm a good cook but I'm not Italian and I had never made fresh sauce before. I figured how hard could it be? I had bought a huge box of not-so-pretty tomatoes from the farm stand and I was ready to go!

I had ideas about how it should be done but nothing formal and of course I could have googled it, but I didn't because that would interrupt my zen. I knew the skins needed to come off the tomatoes and I knew you could peel them with boiling water. I get the pot boiling and I put in my first few tomatoes, IMMEDIATELY in my head I hear two Italian ladies yelling "you're doing it WRONG!!" I'm shocked and try to ignore it but it just kept going. So I stop and run upstairs to my sleeping husband, crying. I wake him up and tell him his family is in the kitchen yelling at me that I am making sauce wrong!!!

Well, now he's certain I'm crazy because his family sadly has all passed. Both parents, all 3 of his siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. He looks at me and says "then ask them to tell you how to do it right, and stop yelling at you." I hadn't even considered that and he just wanted to go back to sleep. So I blow my nose, wipe my eyes and head back downstairs. They start up again and I literally, out loud ask them to teach me how to do it right and please stop yelling at me. Darn fiery Italians! They stopped yelling! I listened and they methodically taught me how to make their sauce.

It was amazing. Ed still thought I was crazy but was shocked at how good the sauce was. I was starting to believe this was real and I needed to get some control over this "thing."

*The photo is actually from that day.

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